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We believe in a God who reveals himself to us as Love and in loving, committed, faithful relationships. We believe that God’s love is not just something “holy and up there somewhere” but something which is real and earthly and visible here for everyone to see. If you ask us what does God’s love looks like, we will point you to Christian Marriage. We will tell you that Christians, at their best, living loving, generous, unselfish, faithful, committed and permanent relationships until death are signs of what God’s love is. We will tell you that even in the difficulties of marriage, in the ups and downs and problems, how the couple overcome the problems and reconcile themselves is also a sign of God’s deep desire to reconcile us to himself when things go wrong between us and God.

For this reason a couple who wish to engage in a Church Marriage must realise that their marriage is not a private thing between the two of them, but is a public demonstration of their Faith and their understanding of the very nature of the God they are publically professing. Their marriage is their contribution to the life, Faith and joy of the Christian community of which they are part.

If it is your wish to identify with this Faith and understanding of marriage, then Christian Marriage is the most wonderful thing which we can offer you and which you can offer us.

To ensure the integrity of marriage, the church takes it seriously and there are laws and requirements to preserve the dignity of marriage.

Weddings must be discussed with the parish priest before any date can be set.

At least one of the couple must be a Roman Catholic.

Both parties must be free to marry. If either of the couple has been previously married the priest must be informed immediately to assess whether or not the Church recognises the previous marriage even if there has been a civil divorce.

At least six months notice is to be given before the proposed date of the marriage and a course of preparation will be arranged.

It is expected that the Catholic(s) will be attending Mass regularly before requesting to be married in church. Church marriage is a public expression of religious faith and the Catholic faith needs to be expressed by regular participation in Sunday Mass (or the Saturday Vigil Mass).

It is appropriate for the Catholic to marry in the Catholic church which he or she currently attends. If both are Catholics and attend church, it is usual for the church of the bride to be the church where they will marry unless there is a reason to do otherwise.